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Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems

Our Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems are specifically designed and developed in support of operations that involve reactive intervention by Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Hostage Rescue Units (HRUs), and Counter Terrorist (CT) teams, especially where elevated tactical entry and rescue is mission critical.

The systems are capable of delivering an intervention team of six to fifteen operators into buildings, aircraft, ships in port, buses and trains.

Our VBIS are deployed and supported globally with military, police and law enforcement agencies.


Our Standard light weight Vehicle Borne Intervention Systems are available in a range of variants for installation onto High Capacity Pick Up trucks and Utility vehicles, Commercial panel vans, armoured SUV’s and Armoured Personnel Carriers. The Standard VBIS is available with a manual gas assisted lift, or hydraulically operated Forward Assault Ramp. Due to its size and manoeuvrability, the Standard VBIS is ideally suited for deployment in both congested urban areas and low infrastructure rural areas.

The Standard VBIS will achieve a ramp height of approximately 3m. Great heights are achieved using the Tactical Assault Ladder that is supplied as part of the system.

Additional optional accessories enable the user to configure the vehicle for specific operational deployments.


Our Enhanced Design Vehicle Borne Intervention System is available as a dual ramp or single ramp hydraulic system, has been designed for installation onto large high capacity pick up trucks and Armoured Personnel Carriers.

The ED VBIS offers a greater ramp height capability and increased personnel deployment numbers to the Standard VBIS.

Each system is supplied with a Tactical Assault Ladder which can be deployed from the ramp, or the main Roof Assault Platform.

VBIS and ED VBIS Accessories

The optional accessories for VBIS and ED VBIS enhance the operational deployment capabilities of the systems.

The accessories include, Fast Rope System, Ladder Turntable, Ladder Gantry, Universal Bridge System, Sniper Platform, and Side Assault Platforms are chosen to the users bespoke operational requirements and are compatible across the range of VBIS and ED VBIS platforms.

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